James Hazeldine (4 April 1947 – 17 December 2002) was an English actor who played firefighter Mike 'Bayleaf' Wilson in London's Burning from the original television movie until series 8, with one final appearance in series 9. Hazeldine also directed seven episodes of the show.

Born in Salford, Lancashire, Hazeldine's other work included Sam, The Omega Factor, Chocky, Chocky's Children, Chocky's Challenge, One Summer, The Last Train, Miss Marple, Shipman, The Musgrave Ritual and Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years. He played Josef Stalin in the film Nicholas and Alexandra, and also appeared in the films The National Health and The Medusa Touch. He had leading roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre.

He died in 2002 after a short illness. His son Sam Hazeldine is also an actor who appeared in The Raven alongside John Cusack.