John Coleman
Placeholder person
Rank Station Officer
Station Blackwall
Spouse(s) -
Relatives -
Played by Edward Peel
First appearance Series 12 (2000)
Last appearance Series 13 (2001)

John Coleman was Station Officer at Blackwall during series 12 and series 13.

John Coleman became the permanent Station Officer in Series 12. His previous stations include Clapham and King's Cross. Coleman always stuck to the rules and was very set in his ways.

Coleman was married, but his wife died 22 years ago, after he had fallen asleep at the wheel of his car. He had never seen another woman until he meet Councillor Alison Hemmings. They went out to dinner together and ballroom dancing, as well as bowling.

While out bowling with Alison, it reminded him or his ex-wife and he left without warning. Once Alison had caught up with him, Coleman revealed the truth of what happened to his wife.