Malcolm Cross
Placeholder person
Rank Leading Firefighter
Station Blackwall Fire Station
Relatives Margaret (mother)
Felicity (sister)
Played by Rupert Baker
First appearance Pilot (1986)
Last appearance Series 5, Episode 6 (1992)

Malcolm Cross was Leading Fireman at Blackwall Fire Station. He made his first appearance in the pilot movie and his last in series five, when he left to go to Brussels with his girlfriend Helen.


Malcolm was very well spoken and was educated at a public school. Malcolm liked a laugh and often started jokes and pranks, including getting the Watch to sing at Sicknote productions, placing a dummy outside the station and wolf-whistling through an EVAC to members of the public and telling Colin that the London Fire Brigade work as Official Secrets!

Malcolm's parents wanted him to do something fancy for a living, like his sister Felicity's husband, but Malcolm rebelled and joined the Brigade.

In Series 1, the Pump Crew inspected a local clothing factory, which wasn't following many of the fire regulations. Malcolm met Samina, who he impressed by speaking some Punjabi! Malcolm took her out to dinner, but she sadly died, when the factory burned down. Malcolm was devastated.

Malcolm got together with Law Student Helen, after their relationship developed from flatmates to more. Malcolm left the Brigade in Series 5 to go to Brussels with her.

After Vaseline's death, Malcolm blamed himself because he had given the orders for the use of BA under water. A.C.O. Bulstrode gave Malcolm a warning, but also told him not to blame himself, because the Watch, as well as Marion, do not blame him.


Malcolm appeared in episodes of London's Burning between 1986 and 1992.