London's Burning: the Movie
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Airdate 7 December 1986
Writer Jack Rosenthal
Director Les Blair
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Next episode Episode 1 (series 1)

London's Burning: the Movie was the pilot movie of London's Burning. Written by long-time televison screenwriter Jack Rosenthal, it was first broadcast in the UK on ITV on 7 December 1986. Most of the cast reprised their roles when the first series of the show began two years later.


While Sicknote moans about his toothache, Blue Watch are awaiting the arrival of a new crew member. To their horror, it turns out to be Josie Ingham, Blackwall's first female firefighter, and most react with hostility. At her first shouts they ignore her completely and leave her to control the crowds. Vaseline gets married for the third time, to a third woman named Marion, although the ceremony is disrupted when his ex-wife Marion turns up.

Blue Watch are called to rescue a 'trapped' man, but to their amusement it turns out he has trapped his private parts in a curtain ring. Jose resolves the situation by suggesting he use ice to reduce his 'swelling'. Later they rescue three children trapped in a burning house, but one of them dies. Bayleaf angrily rails at the mother when he realises she had left the children alone and gone to a disco.

Ethnic is promoted to leading firefighter at Archway, so Blue Watch plans a surprise leaving dinner for him. The watch are called to an inner-city riot. When Charisma is attacked by rioters, Ethnic, despite being off-duty, intervenes to help, and is killed when the rioters drop a paving slab on him. The following day a gloomy Blue Watch silenty eat Ethnic's surprise dinner without him.


Jerome Flynn makes an appearance as Kenny 'Rambo' Baines. Rambo and Ethnic are the only two watch members who did not appear in the main series.